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Black Cat Names

If you're looking for fresh, inventive names for your black kitties - then you've found the right spot! Here you will find more than 100 distinctive, original names listed for cats that are black so you won't be stuck with just good old "Blackie" or "Shadow" to call your dark haired pet.

Because your newly adopted family feline deserves more, and all black cats, no matter their breeds, are so gorgeous and yet mysterious, he or she should have a special name.

After all, any shade of black, whether it's a deep black, a blue black, or a gray black, is beautiful and visually stunning, so take your time to review and search through lists below and see if any of them fit or capture your cat's unique appearance, kinetic energy, and personality! And what's great, is that all of the names below are perfect for small baby kittens or older big cats. 

In any case, a cat's coat, whether it's long or short, is his or her crowning glory. The color, texture and loving sheen of any cat's fur are what makes her or him unique; and are also some of the first things people and friends notice, and make comments about.

List of Cat Names For Black Cats

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User Submitted Black Cat Names

I Love Cats 11.18.2014 For the cat name Kethliane I like coming up with interesting cat names. More about Kethliane
My first black cat 11.04.2014 For the cat name Chester Named after the vet who gave him his first shots! More about Chester
NESQUIK THE KITTY 10.28.2014 For the cat name Nesquik I named my kitty Nesquik after the breakfast cereal. The colour of his coat is the colour of nesquik so I thought I would name my cat that. More about Nesquik
Curiosity always gets the Onyx. 10.24.2014 For the cat name Onyx Onyx an all black manx is our new curious kitten. Born Sunday August 31st and he is a handful unlike his older brother Solomon a orange manx that's very kick backed and mellow. Onyx has is nose in... More about Onyx
Mommy's baby boy Lucky 10.23.2014 For the cat name Lucky People say black cats are bad luck... But we saved him More about Lucky
WA TANG WA TANG WA TANG 10.21.2014 For the cat name Chad Chad is a lovely cat name. CHAD THE CAT!! More about Chad
lestat the vampire 10.20.2014 For the cat name Lestat I had a Beautiful black cat named lestat.He was named when we got him, after the vampire in the movie interview with a vampire.Tom Cruises character.Best cat I ever had.r.i.p. lestat I love and miss... More about Lestat
Mischief she suits her name 10.10.2014 For the cat name Mischief Mischief is my 9 week old kitten. She completely suits her name. She is in the washing, climbing up the sofa and has a unhealthy fascination with feet. More about Mischief